Analysis: Social-Media

With the growing use of Social-Media, the sense and the commercial benefits of Social-Media-Marketing are being increasingly debated controversially. No one would dispute that more and more consumers can be reached through social platforms. Many companies already recognized this potential and try to position themselves in the Social-Web. Unfortunately, so far many of these attempts are characterized by false expectations, inconsistent implementation, lack of know-how and missing technical solutions. Additionally, most people believe that Social-Media-Marketing is primarily interesting for B2C companies. As a result, the new advertising opportunities that open up for B2B-marketing often remain unused. Even though Social-Media is growing worldwide and connects people across countries, current Social-Media-Marketing is mostly limited to national use.

At the same time, it is possible to use Social-Media-Marketing on a global scale and still be able to handle it efficiently. Likewise, specific advertising objectives can be pursued and realized. Social-Media is not just building a community – promotional engagement on social platforms can boost sales activities as well.

metapeople’s first Social-Media-Marketing study aims to point out where problems may arise and shed some light on how to successfully realize specific targets. Thanks to our international orientation and extensive experience the metapeople group is perfectly suited to highlight obstacles and chances in the global market and make recommendations for your successful campaigns.