Analysis: Fashion

Characteristics, experiences and learnings from metapeople

About half of the mail-order sales are generated online. Much of this can be attributed to the fashion industry. Online trading will become an important pillar of the fashion industry, and gradually displaces the catalogue business. But online mail-order, especially in the fashion industry has to take into account specific characteristics, which confronts the fashion industry with special challenges:

Who is actually searching for and buying fashion on the internet? Where can the target groups be found? How can new customers be gained and how can regular customers be retained? What measures promise to increase sales? How can the number of returns be reduced? And how can the ROI of the Online Marketing campaign be tracked?

To these questions and many other challenges of the online fashion market metapeople has answers and solution strategies at hand. Thanks to many years of experience in Performance Marketing for the fashion industry, we were able to get to know the specifics of the market and gain industry-specific knowledge.