Analysis: Banks

Characteristics, experiences and learnings from metapeople

About a quarter of internet users are interested in financial products and also looking online for such offers. Banks may therefore find and attract potential customers targeted on the internet. However, to date financial institutions leave the acquisition of new customers, the important advisory business, to forums and comparison portals. Moreover, what can be observed is that banks are poorly visible in the search engines. Search-Engine-Optimization, Search-Engine-Marketing, Media-Ads and Affiliate-Marketing provide opportunities to banks to gain a better online presence.

metapeople has examined banks to their online presence in the various advertising channels. The analysis focuses on industry-specific challenges of financial institutions on the internet:

Where are potential bank customers to be found online? What advertising measures are promising the successful winning of new customers, and which are suitable for the development of current customers? Where are banks active to date and how can they expand their marketing efforts and improve their efficiency?

To these questions and many other challenges of the online financial market metapeople has answers and solution strategies at hand. Thanks to many years of experience in Performance-Marketing for the financial industry, we were able to get to know the specifics of the market and gain industry-specific knowledge.