dmexco 2014 Warm-Up

For the 10th time, metapeople and metaapes are hosting the networking event ‘Performance Night’ which will open its doors again on the 9th September 2014 to all online marketing enthusiasts at the Wolkenburg in Cologne.

Over the past 10 years the networking event, ‘Performance Night’ (formerly known as the ‘affiliate Stammtisch’ and the ‘affiliate Night’) has gone from strength to strength . The ‘Performance Night’ is now one of the most popular events to be held before the ‘dmexco’ in Cologne and is therefore an ideal ‘exhibition warm-up’ for the whole online marketing industry.

Over 1.200 Guests are expected!
More than 1.200 guests from the online industry are expected to attend, including advertisers, publishers, affiliates, marketers, display and social media managers, SEO/PPC specialists and all interested parties of the industry will come together. The ‘Performance Night’ includes the opportunity to kick off the two day business fair by enjoying a delicious buffet and free drinks in an ideal setting with good music where interesting contacts can be made and the latest technical topics can be discussed.

Companies wishing to represent themselves during the ‘Performance Night’ can support the popular event by taking advantage of the attractive sponsoring deals. You will find all the sponsorship offers and further information regarding the ‘Performance Night’ at

Le Retargeting in-apps, c’est possible !

Le Retargeting c’est le levier magique du Display, qui permet de la rentabilité immédiate, sans oublier de maîtriser la répétition pour préserver l’image de l’annonceur. Retrouver le mobinaute qui était sur votre site (in-browser) pour lui repousser plus tard l’information qui sera le convaincre, le Retargeting sait faire. Il ne pouvait donc pas continuer à ignorer plus longtemps ces mobinautes in-apps, bassin d’audience gigantesque et inexploité.

Le Trading Desk NetBooster a trouvé la parade et peut ré adresser votre audience sur l’ensemble de l’univers mobile.


Nous avons testé… les Expand RTB

L’approche est séduisante : allier la finesse du ciblage que permet le RTB avec l’exposition ultra-qualitative « premier choix » que proposent les inventaires premiums.

Au final les campagnes Expand RTB sont :

  •     Visibles (place à l’inventaire premium !)
  •     Impactantes et mieux mémorisées (grâce aux formats expand)
  •     Performantes économiquement (à l’instar des campagnes RTB que vous connaissez)

Les performances sont effectivement au rendez-vous, les taux de clic sont très élevés, ramenant des CPC en dessous de 0,4€. La frontière entre la performance et le Branding n’a jamais été aussi mince…

SEO Creative Content

Where is SEO going? An essential guide to the future of natural search

Search has always been a fast-paced industry, but SEO is now evolving more rapidly than ever; where it used to encompass a fairly narrow, reactive set of activities, natural search is now a crucial consideration in the planning of wider digital marketing strategies.

Whilst many of the fundamental principles of search remain unchanged – namely, relevancy and authority – there has been a huge shift in how we apply them to brand campaigns. In this whitepaper, we’ll be looking at what’s changed, why, and how we can adapt to the new search landscape.

Highlights include:

  1. The evolving language of search. It’s not about SEO any more

  1. How natural search is becoming more visual and what SEO techniques are driving innovation in this area

  1. The paradigm shift in how SEO performance is measured and reported

  1. The impact of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm on content strategy

  1. Personalisation and how data is crucial to success


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By Gary Moyle, Head of SEO at NetBooster UK